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Dragons Can Fly empowers ambitious brands to transcend competition and captivate their audience by telling their unique visual story, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of their customers through transformative strategic brand management and immersive experiences.

Dragons Can Fly is an enchanting agency that wields the elemental powers of fire, thunder, and flight to bring extraordinary ideas to life.

With a captivating blend of workshops, brainstorms, and design thinking processes, we ignite innovation and breathe fire into product concepts, propelling brands toward unparalleled success.
Our special sprint methodology, tailored to each client's needs, fuels rapid progress as we assemble small teams designed to run quickly, supporting the initial lifecycle of the product until it soars.

Moreover, our collaboration group, Thunder, brings together the industry's most talented researchers and visual designers in the UX design and brand realm. Through this unique alliance, we unleash storms of creativity, crafting brand strategies, captivating stories, and visually mesmerizing experiences.

Dragons Can Fly empowers brands to tell their unique visual story, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of their audience and soaring above the competition.

Why Dragons?

Embrace the Power of Fire

As a full-stack brand and product agency, Dragons Can Fly possesses the fiery energy to fuel your growth. Our strategic thinking steers your focus toward the crucial areas that support and amplify your expansion.


Lead with Confidence

We empower you to take the lead in your industry. Our high-standard, tailor-made, holistic solutions, driven by innovative methodologies, equip you with the tools needed to pave the way to success.


Accelerate to new heights

Our immersive methodologies propel your product into a futuristic reality within a matter of weeks, saving you precious time and resources. By fast-forwarding your journey, we ensure your ascent is swift, efficient, and budget-friendly.

Behind the Scenes

Our extraordinary journey began a decade ago when fate brought us together as two freelancers working on a project that would ultimately seize the coveted IMA awards for Best in Class. At that moment, we realized this collaboration was destined to endure and thrive.

A visionary creative, Inbar embarked on a remarkable journey, nurturing her studio and expanding its horizons. Meanwhile, Osnat embarked on a full-time career, with Inbar becoming an indispensable ally, partnering on every subsequent project.

Witnessing our harmonious synergy in action will leave you awe-inspired. Osnat, the methodical strategist, meticulously weaves together each element to achieve tangible business outcomes. As a relentless researcher and innovator, no avenue remains unexplored under her watch.

Inbar, the mastermind of creativity, possesses an unparalleled talent for crafting narratives through design, and fashioning emotive experiences that breathe life into stories.

Collectively, we bring forth four decades of combined expertise in crafting immersive digital and physical experiences. Together, we are poised to ignite your brand's potential and forge an unforgettable journey of success.

The Team

Inbar02 (1).png

Inbar Edut

Art & Creative

I'm an art director, professional UI/UX designer, an artist, and the co-founder of Dragons Can Fly,

a Web3 strategy and creative agency.

Over the past 20 years, I've worked with industry-leading companies to rebrand and build their digital products and experiences. My clients included WeWork labs, Verizon, Bank Hapoalim, Keshet TV, Carolina Lemke, MegaSport, Milega, Strauss Plus, Baby TV Channel, PayPal, and Shilav 

to name a few.

I am proud to have built products and experiences across multiple industries, including media, e-commerce, social, entertainment consumer goods, and more. I am also proud of the five founders I've accompanied from their startup initiation to exit.

I teach digital entrepreneurship at Reichman University and manage a creatives community in Israel. My projects won three AWWWARDS, IMA Award and Digital Play award.ז


Osnat (Os) Benari

Product & Startegy

I'm a product strategist and builder and an active mentor for startups and young professionals. 


Before founding Dragons Can Fly, I was SVP Product for Diligent and on the founding team of WeWork Labs, building its physical and digital experiences. I spent my 20+ years in various product roles in both startups and corporates, including leading product partnerships for BBG Ventures and the product and innovation groups for Verizon and AOL Studios. I teach at Cornell Tech, serve on the Advisory Board for CS at Hunter College in NYC, and advocate for resilience and mental health in the workplace. 

In 2022 I'll launch my non-fiction book, "Starting from Scratch".


Idan Shani

Animation Lead

A Multi-Disciplinary Visual Designer: Products, Brands, Illustrations, and Motion-Graphics

Since 2002, I've designed screen-based experiences for websites, apps, and digital platforms, prioritizing user-centric design that blends aesthetics and functionality.

I consistently deliver solutions that satisfy both clients and users.
I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients over the years, including Trax retail, PayPal, Roojoom, Vonetize, Saatchi & Saatchi, Playermaker, AppLovin, AOL, Woah Edutainment, Mantis (NGSoft), and many others.

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